Vicodin without Prescription Online - Is it a Good Idea?

Vicodin is one of the most highly sought analgesics in the pharmaceuticals market. It is used to medicate mild and severe pain among individuals who suffer a wide range of aches and post-surgical pain. This drug is highly restricted in countries like the UK, the US, Mexico, and Canada. In the US, it is placed in the category of controlled substances with tight laws governing its distribution and use. Most people who use this drug find it useful. However, those who use Vicodin without prescription face serious health problems besides addiction. Therefore, interested users and buyers have to get the facts right before ordering these drugs.

Getting Vicodin Prescription online

The strict law governing the production, distribution, and administration of controlled substances is what drives buyers to order Vicodin without prescription. Indeed, most people have also gotten used to taking the drug without consulting their physicians. And, most of these people care less about what the doctor says; they just want to lay their hands on the drugs when their prescriptions run out.

Interestingly, majority of online sellers and pharmacies which dispense these drugs don't feel compelled to act within the legal framework. That is why they encourage buyers to get drugs without prescriptions. However, there are also a good number of websites which provide prescriptions after consultation. To do this, buyers have to fill a questionnaire before placing an order. Though it might appear perfectly legal and even helpful, the truth is that it is not allowed by law.

Is It Safe to get Vicodin without Prescription?

There are two ways of approaching this question. One is from the legal perspective (about what is permissible and what is not) and from the health perspective. Legally speaking, arbitrary use of this drug is prohibited under the law and those found violating the regulations governing the use and administration of Vicodin could be prosecuted if found guilty.

Besides the legal trap of using Vicodin with no prescription, there is also the issue of personal safety in regard to usage. Most buyers are not even aware of the side effects of using Vicodin for a long time. Those who do so can get addicted and suffer the consequences of withdrawal. Apart from this, alcoholics who use these drugs also face the risk of health complications which arises from mixing the two substances.

The third risk that buyers face is the possibility of ordering for counterfeit drugs. Most sellers understand the motivation behind the buyer's decision to order these drugs. And, they also take advantage of the desperation and ignorance of buyers who are eager to get Vicodin on their own terms.

Final Thoughts

It is not safe to order Vicodin without prescription. If you are law abiding and value your health then you can't even debate about this issue. It is advisable to talk to your physician first to get proper directions on the usage. Legitimate pharmacies won't sell Vicodin without a valid prescription. They understand the risks posed by those purporting to sell genuine brands to the general public. You'd rather be safe than sorry, so act with good discretion when ordering Vicodin.

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